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Payment Policy


Thank you for choosing Pabrec Ltd.
We are committed to providing you with quality and affordable service. Because some of our clients have had questions regarding payment and amount of visits needed, we have been advised to develop this payment policy. Please read it, ask us any questions you may have, and sign in the space provided.
A copy will be provided to you upon request.
1. Payment is due on the date of service, unless other arrangements have been made in advance;
2. Person who requested work to be done by Pabrec Ltd. is responsible for payment;
3. Accepted payment methods – cash payment based on invoice, card payment over the terminal, payment via website payment facility, instant bank transfers.
4. We accept all major bank cards except American Express. Following surcharges apply when paying by card:
- Debit card – £0
- Credit card - £5
- Business card - £5
5. The following payment methods are not accepted – personal cheques, payments over telephone.
6. Company policy regarding non-payment – in case of non-payment within 14 days of work accomplishment we reserve the right to use a collection agency’s help in order to receive payment for work done.

Our company is committed to providing the best service to our clients. Our prices are representative of the usual and customary charges for our area.
Thank you for understanding our payment policy. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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