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Bath resurfacing. New technology

Bathtub Resurfacing Product

EKOPEL 2K — is a high-viscosity two-component self-levelling polymer coating, which is applied for cast iron, steel and plastic bathtub resurfacing.

EKOPEL 2K extends the service life of a bathtub and eliminates the necessity of total bath repair. Ekopel 2k

Buy Bathtub Resurfacing Material


Main characteristics. Refinishing Material.

  • Odourless. No hazardous diluters used in manufacturing of the material.
  • High density and excellent coverage.
  • Perfect adhesion to steel and cast iron.
  • No streaks, no bubbles. 
  • UV resistance. 
  • Harmless to humans and the environment (when solidified).
  • Freezes at the temperature below 0, does not lose its properties after defrosting.
  • Pouring method is used.


Other advantages of Bathtub Coating:

  • Hardening time - 24 or 48 hours at normal temperature in the bathroom 20-25°C. Hardening time depends on the product version and the bathroom temperature. If the temperature varies from the normal, the hardening time can increase at lower temperature and decrease at higher temperature.   
  • Shelf-life of the material 45-90 minutes after mixing the two components. 
  • No diluters needed to make the product ready. Component A and component B need to be thoroughly mixed, without diluters. 
  • Restoration work takes 2 hours, if the technology of bath preparation and material application is followed correctly.


Specification of Ekopel 2k:

Curing time 48 h at 22°C, or 24 h at 22°C
Pot Time 90 min at 20°C
VOC free >98%, odorless
Service life  up to 20 years*
Clean method a simple soap solution
Resurfacing takes 2 hours

pouring self-leveling,

without a brush, a roller, an airbrush.

Consumption 3,4 kg (A+B) per 1 bathtub. 
Packaging Comp.A - 3 kg, Comp.B - 0,4 kg. 
Color white


* providing that you follow care recommendations

Care recommendations for a resurfaced bathtub read here 


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