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Bath resurfacing. New technology
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Bath Resurfacing,
Bath Re-Enamelling in London.


Bath Restoring and Re Enamel Bath services.


Would you like to renovate your bathtub and make it look like a brand new one? Then we provide our bathtub resurfacing service just for you.


Save yourself time and money!


  • 100% odourless
  • Service life up to 20 years
  • Does not require expensive detergents
  • You can start using your bathtub again in 24 hours (or 48 hours).
  • 80% cheaper than buying and installing a new bathtub.


Price for Bath Resurfacing & Re-Enamelling
Pouring Method, ready for use in 48 hours**
Bath resurfacing  - for a conventional type bath from £260* £300.
Bath resurfacing - for Roll Top style bath from £290* £330.
Shower Tray resurfacing - from £200* £250

*-depending on bathtub size and travel distance.
Pouring Method, ready for use in 24 hours**
Bath resurfacing - for a conventional type bath from £300* £350.
Bath resurfacing - for Roll Top style bath from £350* £400.
Shower Tray resurfacing - from £240* £250

*-depending on bathtub size and travel distance.
Please note! 
**-min 22ºС (71.6ºF) temperature is required for self-levelling component activation.
If the bathtub has been re-surfaced before - add £50 for stripping.
Anti-slip application - from £50.


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Bath Resurfacing

Before 2012 there were only enamel-based products on the market, which were applied by a brush, roller or an airbrush and gave a very thin layer and short service life of the resurfaced bathtub.


We are introducing an innovative Ekopel 2K compound applied by Pouring Method which gives a new coating layer of up to 5mm (at the bottom of the bathtub).


Ekopel 2K Bathtub Coating passed all required lab tests, has a great resistance to tarnishing and turning yellow; adhesive qualities of the product deserve an excellent grade, heat resistance of our product allows to use the resurfaced bathtub at fairly high temperatures.


The whole resurfacing procedure with Ekopel 2K Pouring Method takes on average 3 hours depending on the bathtub condition.


Service life of the bathtub resurfaced using Ekopel 2K Pouring Method is 20 years, providing that you treat it with proper care and follow easy recommendations for bathtub use.
Our company has a lot of experience in bath resurfacing. We operate worldwide and have already resurfaced over 50,000 baths.
We know everything about bathtub resurfacing because we produce materials for bath resurfacing.


Only our product is odourless and is completely harmless to you. Our specialists carry out their work very efficiently and you should not worry about dust, dirt or any other foreign smell because there won't be any.


Bath Re-Enamelling

We can re-enamel any bathtub in London and surrounding counties. Unlike some bathtub re-surfacing companies who spray a thin layer of paint on bathtub surface resulting into its short service life, we use a patented Liquid Tub liner (Ekopel 2k), which creates a glossy white layer of new enamel of up to 5mm thickness. This  ensures aesthetic and hard wearing qualities of the new surface.

Normally the process of re enamelling is the following:

1) If bathtub has been resurfaced before, we need to remove whole upper layer of old paint using power tools and hand work.
2) If there is any damage to metal or factory enamel, like chips, rusty holes, cracks, water caused surface imperfections, we repaire them  prior to resurfacing.
3) Next we remove sealant, uninstall waste pipe if necessary, de-scale tub surface, treat inner surface with degreasing agent and chemicals.
4) Then we apply several layers of new enamel using Liquid self-levelling Tub liner.
The process of bath re-enamelling will take just about 3 hours and you can start using your bath again in 24 hours (or 48 hours)


All you need is to send us a non-obligatory Quote request or call us for a free Quote!


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If you require any additional information, please feel free to call us on: 0203 769 1914 or 0772 107 3916

Why choose us?

- Only we do bath resurfacing using new modern method - pouring method.
- Only our material is 100% odourless.
- Our company is International company and we operate worldwide, so we have a lot of experience in bath resurfacing.
- Only we produce the materials for bath resurfacing, so we can give the best price for bath resurfacing in the UK.
bath resurfacing cost


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